Kids at the wheel: when children with chronic diseases take care of their own treatment

Juvenile idiopathic arthritis is a chronic disease affecting less than 0.01% of the population and requires a heavy treatment. Implications are numerous and particularly strong for children, who must understand the disease, accept it and adapt their lifestyle. Which role do children play in treatment compliance? What are the conditions that will make children observe their treatment correctly and those that will create resistance? This report conducted and built with doctors and healthcare professionals provides insights into the active role of the child in treatment success.



Montagu Guillaume - Strategy & Anthropology

After a research cursus in Sociology & Political Anthropology at la Sorbonne, Guillaume started offering his knowledge in social sciences to companies. He joined unknowns to take care of research and studies.

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Montagu Guillaume

""The approach of social sciences is based on the fact that people have reasons to do what they do. It's our role to understand and explain their practices"."