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The social sciences as a tool for innovation
As innovation is primarily about solving problems in people’s lives, the emergence of new needs and problems is our raw material. 

We use social sciences as a pragmatic tool to identify the right problems to solve and thus find new levers to invent new models, products or services and design better experiences.
Businesses & Work : our latest study
Businesses & Work : How do people experience their retirement?
Judging by the impressive number of publications on this topic, the “silver economy” is about to become an evergreen as unavoidable as a “pension system reform” by the government. But these economical and political prisms obscure the main facets of the pension topic. Because, it should be reminded, retirement remains a pensioner problem, first and foremost. How do individuals experience their transition from work to retirement? Why do some people fear it, while other people are impatiently waiting for it? What do they actually do with their retirement? Why do some people continue to work while other choose leisure? We tried to address those interrogations in our report.
social science studies
The sectors and life domains explored by our social science experts:
Banking & Insurance
Businesses & Work
Mobility & Transport
Leisure activities
Mass consumption
We studied how automotive diagnosticians work in several countries in order to redefine the requirements of their diagnostic tools
In an era when cars are increasingly electronic and digitally configured, the work of mechanics has been transformed by automation. Our challenge was to understand this development.
of our missions start with an in-depth analysis of individual needs
Published in ADN magazine
Why does Silicon Valley employ sociologists?
IBM, Intel, Dell, Facebook, Uber and Spotify: why do these high-tech companies hire sociologists?
Article by Guillaume Montagu, Strategy & Anthropology Consultant
Our sociologists
Our sociologists implement qualitative and quantitative surveys to better understand your customers and identify new business opportunities
We form small multidisciplinary teams to invent solutions that combine use value and business value.
Business Analyst
Business analysts understand and analyze a company's culture and performance in order to make the most of it.
Sociologists study how people behave and reveal their limitations and needs.
Designers design experiences that make sense to users and can be integrated into their lives.
Engineers find the appropriate technological solutions and study the best way to implement them.
Program Manager
Program managers set up the right organization and guarantee the project moves forward and achieves results.
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