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From digitalization to customer needs and new competitors, because it’s sometimes hard to know where to start, here are some simple solutions to identify new opportunities.

  • Studying individual needs

    The digital age has transformed people, their uses and expectations, and how they relate to institutions. This lasting transformation challenges market conventions and requires actors to rethink people's needs.

    At the crossroads of user culture and the social sciences tradition, studying the needs of individuals is a unique way to rediscover the issues people face.

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  • Studying the uses of a product or service

    How do people use a product or service and why? We combine different observation methods to immerse ourselves in the reality of how people use a product or service, identify levers of satisfaction and sources of frustration, and discover new business opportunities.

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  • Analyzing the value chain

    Revolutions, evolutions... your market is not what it used to be. You have more competitors - new entrants, intermediation, new services, etc. - and they’re totally different from the ones you’ve had to deal with until now. The analysis of your market's value chain ("from field to plate") gives you a renewed understanding of your actual competitive scope and allows you to determine each one’s competitive advantages and evaluate risks and opportunities.

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  • Benchmarking the customer experience of new entrants

    To compete against the new actors who are redefining your market’s standards, deciphering the customer experience of new entrants who have put satisfaction at the heart of their strategies gives insight into the success of adopted models while helping you decide which new features to implement.

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  • Digital customer experience audit

    From Netflix to Amazon, pure players are setting high digital experience standards and raising customers expectations as a result. To make sure your customers remain committed, you need to deliver a digital experience that’s up to standard. Understanding what your customers experience and measuring the gap with their expectations is an essential first step towards identifying opportunities to optimize your digital service.

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  • Omnichannel customer experience audit

    Faced with customers who constantly navigate between the physical and digital worlds, the ability to link channels together to create a seamless experience is now a competitive advantage. To identify opportunities to optimize your approach to public relations, you need to start by understanding what your customers experience.

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  • Diagnosis of business processes and tools

    To create an efficient customer experience, teams need the right resources and tools and (most importantly) they need to use them! Our unique method combines anthropology, UX design and business analysis to provide an in-depth understanding of how a business really works and integrate this knowledge into your expressed needs.

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  • SXSW Learning expedition

    Every year in Austin, SXSW builds a powerful momentum around actors, especially from Silicon Valley, who have made a tangible difference to the way we live over the past 15 years. This event is the world's largest platform for establishing connections, gaining insight and exploring what’s next in the constantly evolving digital world. We offer custom support to make the most of this flagship event on the global tech scene.

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  • Training and coaching

    We offer custom training and coaching programs on how to gradually become a software company and get things done based on an objective knowledge of customers, the market and technology, real-life cases and simulations and by organizing the transition from theory to practice.

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