Operations & Technologies

An idea is worthless - it's how you put it into practice that counts! It’s important to reach out to your market as fast as possible to test your new solution, measure the results and give yourself the objective means to make the up-scaling decision.

  • Defining an implementation strategy: method, skills and teams

    There are countless ways to implement a project. Do you have to do everything yourself? Use market tools? Work with partners? And if so, how? We identify and evaluate different possible scenarios to help you make the right decision for your project and company.

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  • Planning and costing the production of a digital service

    Assessing the manufacturing budget of a digital tool MVP, development and maintenance costs, e-marketing and media resources, and more.

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  • Implementing and operating an MVB (Minimum Viable Business)

    Before deploying a new service, you need to test it on a small scale in real-life conditions. We set up dedicated teams to conduct these tests in the field - at two or three sales outlets for a retail service, for example - and measure the results, develop the concept, adjust the business model parameters, and so on.

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