How can we enable travelers to better predict the conditions of their TGV journey?

How can we empower travelers and make them retrieve control in their train journey ? How can each element of the TGV digital ecosystem contribute to it and which roles do, or can they have?


With its 14 million daily passengers, the SNCF faces different challenges in order to offer the best traveling conditions to its passengers. In this context, SNCF asked unknowns to identify the key points of the entire customer experience (in train stations, on digital devices, during touchpoints with the SNCF staff) and to fluidify the entire customer journey.


  • #1

    Defining the omnichannel experience strategy: value prop

  • #2

    Defining target paths and keys moments of the relationship: identification of the role of each relational interaction in the TGV experience

  • #3

    Rediscovering the predictability of travel: designing the first digital objects

The challenge: to consolidate the entire TGV customer experience.


To start our study, we conducted an ethnographic study with travelers to understand the critical points of their experience. Simultaneously, we conducted a business study within the SNCF and provided an analysis of the different TGV projects.

■ In-depth interviews with travelers

■ Travelers observation

■ Analysis of TGV projects

■ Internal interviews (services manager, sales agents, train manager ...)


Anthropology and Research

Strategy and Business


The objective of this first framework was to define the professional actions of the SNCF agents, and to create a more fluid and predictable travel experience for passengers. It led us to design a matrix for each of the experience promises, per target and per offer.

■ Workshops with the TGV Operations Department

■ Clarification of the role of each digital object in the TGV ecosystem

■ Identification of digital solutions


Anthropology and Research

Strategy and Design

Operations and Technologies

Strategy and Business

"We worked on defining a more predictable experience, and to a better articulated experience for travelers."
Henri, Founder - Strategy and Design


To frame the production upstream, we provided a roadmap of the different projects to be carried out, defined a target vision of the SNCF digital ecosystem, and delivered a list of experiences recommendation.

■ Macro-paths mapping

■ Iterative design and user testing methodology

■ Definition of working methods


Strategy and Design

Strategy and UX

Operations and Technologies


We assisted SNCF in implementing a harmonized journey experience, both fluid and predictable. We designed the first tools to be set up and conducted user tests. We also provided recommendations on migration and / or creation of unique customer accounts conditions.

■ Email design and push identification

■ Formalization of needs on the SNCF account and application

■ MVP prototype design

■ User tests


CX team

Strategy and Business

Strategy and UX

Operations and Technologies