Design & experience

Inventing a solution that adds use value for customers and business value for companies requires you to define a strong and differentiating promise, a business model and determinants of customer and employee experiences.

  • Ideation

    Sticking up post-it notes is good. Knowing why and to go where is better! We help you through the different processes for generating ideas for new products or services, from sprint design to collaborative workshops and the C-K method. For this, we need to do two things: objectify and synthesize the initial knowledge and bring together and give meaning to a flood of ideas.

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  • Prototyping and POC

    Putting a new idea into practice for the first time allows everyone - test customers and in-house teams - to get a better feel for what the future holds, start testing the product/market fit and enhance their approach. Our designers and engineers rapidly identify ways to simply make your idea reality.

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  • Designing all the determinants of a new service (concept sheet)

    When you pitch a new business or service concept you need to define and formalize it in a clear and legible way, from the value proposition to customer benefits, company benefits, a business model, key principles of experience and a feasibility assessment. Our team works with you to formalize the concept sheet iteratively and incrementally.

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  • Designing a new customer experience

    We invent innovative solutions to solve complex problems at the point where individual needs and business, technological and operational challenges meet. How? By using our thorough and detailed knowledge of the needs of individuals based on the work of our sociologists. Our designers take a collaborative and iterative design approach that involves clients and users at each stage.

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  • Designing a new employee experience

    We often talk about symmetry of attention, yet the employee experience is still often the poor relation of transformation and innovation strategies. But it’s impossible to set up a new service if the people who need to run it do not have the resources and tools they need. Based on an in-depth understanding of professional realities, we design business-specific experiences and tools that combine value enhancement with performance.

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  • Appetence test for a new service

    When it comes to designing a new business or service, right from the start it is essential to obtain rapid feedback on an idea that’s still in its infancy, evaluate how the service provided is perceived, measure its acceptability, and more. We conduct these tests by adapting resources - guerilla test, qualitative study, quantitative study and the like - to the issues and the need for reassurance.

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  • Interface usability test

    At the advanced design stage of a new digital service, or for an existing service, testing makes it possible to identify irritants, and reasons for non-use or abandonment. Laboratory tests provide a long period of time during which many problems can be identified, defined and then corrected.

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