Transforming the business by making digital an asset

How can digital help users within their customer journeys and buying paths? How can digital enrich Intermarché's service offer? How can digital strengthen the relationship with the firm, with its brands and its values ?


As part of its reflexion on the evolution of its digital strategy, Intermarché, the third largest French distributor, sought assistance from Unknowns to define a strategic and operational vision of its future omni-channel business. By building an omnichannel vision, the group wants to make digital the foundations of the customer experience, the privileged link between the brand, its points of sale and its customers.


  • #1

    omnichannel business strategic vision : definition of omni-channel business strategy and guiding axes for the future experience

  • #2

    Transformation of the organization : creation of a Digital Direction, corporate culture shift, and project management driven by quality

  • #3

    Implementation of the omnichannel platform : definition of the MVP and setup of the RED project

The challenge: moving from food distribution to an omnichannel shopping service


To identify the needs of individuals and define the role that Intermarché can play in the evolution of the distribution market, we conducted an ethnographic study, an internal exploration and a market study.

■ Interviews with consumers

■ In-store observations

■ Market analysis

■ Internal interviews with asset analysis


Anthropology and Research

Strategy and Business

Market researcher


The challenge was to define a strategic vision of Intermarché's business transformation and an operational strategy for implementation. To do so, we imagined the key principles for a customer experience that could support and embody the role of Intermarché in the lives of its customers, which we formalized. On the other hand, we defined the requirements for governance, a method and organization scheme for the implementation, and a progressive in-sourcing of digital competence.

■ Ideation and opportunity selection workshops

■ Definition of the target omnichannel device

■ Definition of the operational strategy


Anthropology and Research

Strategy and Design

Operations and Technologies

Strategy and Business


We defined a product-and-quality oriented governance that will ultimately make digital a corporate asset. Our deliverables: a roadmap of the projects to be carried out, specifications of the MVP, a selection of a realization partner to make the transfer of skills and a methodology of work based on quality.

■ Planning and budget estimates for the implementation

■ Design and drafting of specifications

■ Selection of an operational partner through a call for tenders

■ Definition of work methodologies and KPIs


Operations and Technologies

Strategy and Business

Strategy and UX


We supported the Digital Management in conducting the RED project, Intermarché's future e-business platform, and in the identification of its innovation and digital transformation challenges. To do so, we took in charge the Product Owner role in the RED program and provided daily support to all new insights and consulting teams.

■ Program management

■ User research (customers and internal)

■ Strategic Notes


Operations and Technologies

Strategy and Design

Anthropology and Research

Product Owner