Becoming SMEs' reference actor, and supporting them in their digital transition

How can the existing product portfolio be adapted to the management mode of VSEs and SMEs? How can the solution be adapted to reach a large panel of occasional users? How the needs be structured in order to generate the maximum value for the user ?


Maileva is an outsourcing solution to send and remotely manage professional documents. It is used by more than 15,000 companies to dematerialize their multichannel communication. DOCAPOST, a subsidiary of La Poste Group, the solution's publisher, chose unknowns to assist in the identification and the implementation of new development opportunities around this product.


  • #1

    Strategic roadmap : definition of the target ecosystem and UX requirements.

  • #2

    Rise in digital skills : orchestrate a first user-centred project and agile mode

  • #3

    Production of a first emblematic service : new Maileva Pop service

The challenge: creating an interoperable ecosystem of management services for SMEs

1. The immersion

The objective of this first phase was to explore the needs and problems of SMEs to better rethink the role of Maileva. Thus, we conducted and delivered an ethnographic study, an internal exploration and a market study.

■ Interviews with  SMEs managers and employees

■ Observations at SME premises

■ A benchmark of the SaaS tools market

■ Internal interviews at Docapost

Anthropology and Research

Strategy and Business

Market researcher


From the new role selected, we identified business opportunities and measured their feasibility. At the end of this phase, we came up with a strategic platform (target, role, offer, business model) and delivered a marketing roadmap.

■ Definition of 4 scenarios of evolution, at the crossroads of strategic pillars (SME, market, Docapost)

■ A workshop of selection and refining of the value proposition


Anthropology and Research

Strategy and Design

Operations and Technologies

Strategy and Business


To produce efficiently, the mission must be framed upstream. Which is why we set up a planning, a team, and implementation guidelines (UX principles, ecosystem).

■ Implementation planning

■ Creation of an ad hoc team: Product Owner, UX Designer, DA ...

■ Definition of work methodologies and KPIs

■ Macro-paths mapping


Operations and Technologies

Strategy and Business

Strategy and UX


Last step: the production of the new Maileva Pop service. Our role was to support the project management by enboarding the Docapost team, in charge of designing and testing the interfaces.

■ Production of interfaces (UX, UI, editorial)

■ User testing programs

■ Participation in governance bodies


Operations and Technologies

Strategy and Design

Anthropology and Research

Product Owner