Anthropology & UX

The emergence of new needs and problems is the raw material of innovation. We use anthropology to find new insights and new business opportunities. We use UX to imagine and set up the right answers to the problems people face.

ANTHROPOLOGY Finding insights for new businesses

In a world in which individuals are taking the lead and in which their behaviors are quickly changing, anthropology offers particularly relevant tools to understand these dynamics. It represents a real competitive advantage for companies that seize it.

We carry out studies everywhere in France, in Europe and in the world.

Quantitative control

Quantify the lessons of the anthropological study, for the general population or for a specific population.

Study data & analytics

Upstream or downstream from the study, in order to develop and complete the lessons of the anthropological study.

Analysis of social networks

Analyze online discourses to confirm, complete and quantify the lessons of the anthropological study.


A scientific methodology

Our approach is scientific and rigorous. It is carried out on the field by anthropologists and professional sociologists.

A pragmatic approach

Our approach is flexible, designed to adapt to the diversity of contexts and the tight temporality of companies. We adjust our tools to each issue.

A network

No one can use social sciences alone in a corner. For more relevancy and efficiency, we rely on a network of social scientists around the world.

USER RESEARCH & TESTS Analyze an existing system

Before designing a new service or transforming an existing system, it is necessary to begin by understanding how users are using, circumventing and diverting systems in place. User research and tests help to understand the adoption processes and the rejection of current products and services.

Solutions are sometimes inchoately contained in the way that users divert existing systems.

UX DESIGN Design new experiences

The value of a service or a product is based on how it fits into the users' omni-channel experience. To achieve meaningful experiences that really make the difference, we implement a design process that focuses on the user's reality, diversity and complexity.


A participatory approach

We put users forward at every stage of the design process. We appeal to their imagination and their intuition.

Iterative operation

We do user research upstream to understand a usage, during design to test hypotheses, downstream to continuously enhance the experience.

A hybrid method

We work in a spirit of experimentation, by mobilizing tools from several disciplines: social sciences, ergonomics, psychology, UX design, service design ...

You have to start with having a thousand ideas to finally find the right one.

Each project is unique.

We do not apply ready-made recipes. On the contrary, we strive to adapt our methods to each subject entrusted to us.

Let's take the time to analyze together your needs and define your goals!