Style is not just about taste

To shape their living environment, individuals must choose among several styles. But whether it's Art Deco, Louis XIII or Swedish, style is not just about taste. Individuals first build their homes based on their lifestyle choices and the social status they want to display.

1. The layout of the living environment has a social significance

Lifestyle and layout style choices are indicative of a social status. Choosing to have a separate dining room or to have a solid wood table reflects a social ambition: what you want to be, the image you want to project about yourself.

2. Choosing a style is not only a matter of taste

When choosing a style, individuals do not just choose what they like, they also do it according to their social significance. They choose the image they want to send back to themselves and to others: lifestyle, social environment.

3. But style is a fool's game

Everyone pretends to believe that a choice of style is an aesthetic preference. But only those who know the styles well know in which social case they put those who choose them.

4. Style is a sign of belonging

A style always refers to a social belonging. And what if someone helped individuals to decode styles to enable them to master their social significance?



The living space constitution

According to common sense, choices regarding style and furnishing merely result from the taste and aesthetic affinities of people. But the tastes in terms of planning are rather a reflection of their personal history: social and professional background, love and family history... They will build perceptions, ambitions and thus be reflected into different lifestyles. Those lessons come from our report on the building of living environments.

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