The arrangement of the house reveals the situation of the couple

The arrangement of the house reveals the situation of the couple

1. The living environment is the expression of a couple’s ambitions

The choice of a place to live and its layout is the realization of the household's ambitions: way of life, social ambitions. For example, the layout of the kitchen is based on the ambition given to it: how do you cook in it? are we going to eat there? what image of us does it reflect?

2. The living environment is a reflection of the agreements and tensions of the household

The agreements and tensions of the household - and especially those of the couple - crystallizes in the living environment. Agreements lead to development projects while tensions lead to their adjournment or even their abandonment. In the absence of agreements, the living environment - disinvested - no longer evolves, revealing a couple in crisis.

3. But nobody considers the life environment as a couple topic

Nobody helps couples to highlight the fact that the living environment is a reflection of their ambitions, even if they compete in the furniture stores or during apartment visits. A real estate agent, while presenting a flat, will talk about the surface and the brightness but will rarely ask how the couple plans to receive their friends.

4. The house is the image of the couple

With each new arrangement, the couples renew the fundamental agreements that unite them. And what if someone allowed couples to reconcile their living environment and their common ambitions?



The living space constitution

According to common sense, choices regarding style and furnishing merely result from the taste and aesthetic affinities of people. But the tastes in terms of planning are rather a reflection of their personal history: social and professional background, love and family history... They will build perceptions, ambitions and thus be reflected into different lifestyles. Those lessons come from our report on the building of living environments.

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